Easter 2020 Questions for videos:

These are the questions that are embedded in the videos. In the video, you are asked to pause the video which will keep the question on the screen and then share amongst your group or if people are on their own to stop and contemplate. If you have access to something like zoom you can create breakout rooms which you could use during question time.

Good Friday:

What does the word GOOD mean to you? (could mean different things depending on who says it, where it is said, how it is said, try an explore all of these dynamics)

(Looking at the events of Good Friday) Two groups, The Mary’s and the Pharisees. Would they have thought it was a good day and why? (Obviously not a good day for the Mary’s but there may be some debate over the Pharisees because of what happens when Jesus dies.)

  1. Would you trust this good man Jesus? Trust Him enough to follow Him? Trust Him enough to learn from Him? Why would you or why wouldn’t you trust Him?
  2. What are some of the bad things you continually do? What are the things that build the wall between you and God? Be brave and share them and ask others to pray with you to help break that pattern, to be set free. If you’re on your own talk to God about it and ask for His help.

(If you have opportunity to go into small groups such as on zoom this might be a good time to do that)

Easter Saturday:

(Just the one question at the end. This session focuses on being in isolation and coping with uncertainty for the future.)

Take this time to share with one another just how you feel right now, be open and honest with each other and pray for each other.

Resurrection Sunday:

  1. What does this day, Resurrection Sunday mean to you?

2)Followers: What has the opportunity of the free offer meant to you? (get them thinking about the free offer of salvation and what accepting that has meant to them)

Not following: What does this opportunity mean for you? (get them to think about what the free offer of salvation and forgiveness might mean to them)

  • Follower: Was this what you actually signed up for to be an active follower? (get them thinking about what they thought they were actually doing when they decided to follow Jesus)

Non-follower: Now knowing this would you sign up to follow? (good opportunity to see where they are at and talk about what their life may look like if they choose to follow Jesus)

  • Where are you at? (says it all, this might be a time of prayer and also a time where some may choose to recommit and others decide to commit for the first time.)

Easter Monday:

(This is all about being world changers and looks at what they can do to impact their world while in lockdown and after and asks them to dream)\

Take time to dream n& pray together about how you can change the world.