You will need: 
Playdough (Here are some instructions on how to make some)
First read this passage: 

The Lord said to Moses: Thus you shall say to the Israelites: ‘You have seen for yourselves that I spoke with you from heaven. You shall not make gods of silver alongside me, nor shall you make for yourselves gods of gold. You need make for me only an altar of earth and sacrifice on it your burnt-offerings and your offerings of well-being, your sheep and your oxen; in every place where I cause my name to be remembered I will come to you and bless you. – Exodus 20 

What are some of the idols in your life? 
Possessions, activities, attitudes and relationships that get in the way of your relationship with God? 
What worries or challenges in your life seem to loom bigger than your trust in God? 

Use the PlayDough to create a symbol of those items, then smash this idol as a sign of your desire to move closer to God’s centre.


On a piece of paper or wall write down all the blessings you have received in your life don’t stop until the whole page is full. 
Remember there’s always big blessings but there so many more tiny blessings (waking up in the morning, having food in the pantry, access to internet) 


What you need:
A Candle
‘Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.’ – Matthew 11.2
Light your candle
Reflect on these questions:  
Are you willing to let God help you rest in this moment? 
Tell God what burdens you are carrying around doubts, fears, obligations, worries, feeling of inadequacy are weighing down from experiencing God’s spirit ask God for release, write your burdens down. It might be a word, a name, a symbol.  
As you do, focus on an image of God taking those burdens for you and carrying them for awhile, as you seek rest and peace.  
Blow out the candle as a symbol of you giving those burdens to God. 


Think about what Saturday means to you. What do you think is Good about Jesus’ death on the cross? 

Write down words or phrases of key things you heard or reflected on. 

Turn your phrases into a poem, prayer, rap or other creative writing.  

When you’ve finished, show the poem to one of the leaders – or share it on your social media to encourage others.