In order for camp to run smoothly and safely, we ask that you abide by these rules while at Easter Camp:

  • You’re expected to attend and take part in all camp meetings and activities (physical limitations and illnesses excepted). Trust us, you won’t want to miss them anyway!
  •  We think stealing is wrong, if it’s not yours then leave it alone
  • Cabins belonging to the opposite sex are out of bounds.
  • Respect leaders and co-operate with them. Many have paid to come, at least in part, for your sake.
  • Once on site, stay put unless you have permission to leave from the Camp Director.
  • Stay safe—ensure you have a leader to supervise any potentially dangerous activity such as the swimming pool.
  • Respect each other! Put downs, bullying etc. will not be tolerated
  • No drugs, alcohol or weapons.

If you break the rules, you could be heading home. We absolutely do not tolerate verbal or physical assaults of any nature. And if you break the law, our friendly police will get involved.