If you are a leader coming to camp, you can find everything you need to know right here!

The information on this page is for all leaders. If you are a key leader, please make sure your volunteer, emerging, and junior leaders know about this page


Being a leader at camp is a great responsibility! And one that should not be taken lightly. We take our leadership model from that of Jesus, which means being a servant, putting others first as well as being an imitatable role model. 

Young people will be watching everything you do and over these 4 days at camp. If you are coming to camp as a leader you’ll need to read the leaders Code of Conduct before signing up to camp!

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As we have been doing for the past few years, camp attendees will make their Easter Camp payments directly to your church. Then once regos close, your church will be invoiced by Presbytery Central for the number of young people coming from your church.

You’ll find everything you need to know about that on this page. 



This year we want to encourage your church to send along some adults who can walk alongside your young people at camp and afterwards too. Consider asking some faithful adults from your church to come along as your youth groups own personal ‘camp parents’ or ‘camp grandparents’

Need a reason? Keep reading to see why we think this is important!

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We want to make camp as safe as possible and there are a few things we need your help with, and some other things we need to make you aware of.

You’ll find things like leader ratios and police check forms on this page

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Download the camp flyer here, plus find other resources for sharing with your church: